New Year New You!

Published on 07 January 2019


The new year brings great opportunity to set some health improvement goals. 

I'm not going to eat chocolate, I will cut out sugar, I am going to exercise everyday for an hour. Sound familiar?

These are new years’ resolutions that tend to be commonly set but are hard to maintain.

Making dietary or lifestyle modifications can be challenging as many of our eating habits are set early on in our lives and therefore can be difficult to change.

It is also worth noting that our food choices are not only guided by our hunger but also many factors in our lives such as food availability, association with mood and social influences.

To make modifications in a positive way, I encourage you to think about one or two changes that you would like to make over a short period of time and set out to achieve these goals.

Ask yourself whether these goals are SMART in that are they Specific, are they Measurable, are they Achievable, are they Realistic and do they have a timeframe? The goals for change do not need to be drastic as, sometimes, making small and gradual modifications to the diet ensures long-term success for our health!

For example instead of saying ‘I will drink more water’ how about a SMART goal of ‘I will drink 8 glasses of water everyday for the next two weeks. 

And if you slip, don't fall off the bandwagon. You can always start again the next day. 

If you need nutrition or dietary advice, contact Dietitian Silva Nazaretian from Moderate Nutrition Services. Silva operates out of MyPhysio at GESAC. 

You can contact Silva Nazaretian on mobile 0413 303 076 or email To book an appointment, please call the friendly reception staff at My Physio Plus GESAC on 9570 7181.