Healthy lunchbox ideas!

Published on 18 February 2019


Breaks during the school day provide a great opportunity for children to refuel their bodies with healthy foods in their lunchboxes. The challenge for parents and carers is to find a good variety of healthy foods that will both satisfy the tastebuds as well as providing adequate nutrition through the day.

An idea might be to sit down with your children and set out a lunchbox ‘menu’ where you write down all the different healthy options that can be added into the lunchbox. This gives an opportunity to talk about the importance of healthy foods and might ensure that lunchboxes do not come back home untouched!

Here are a few tips:

·         Involve your kids in choosing their own lunch from a range of healthy options

·         Encouraged a range of different fruits, vegetables, reduced fat dairy, lean meats and breads

·         Try freezing a range of fruit such as strawberries, mango and popping in their drink bottles. This will encourage them to drink more                water with a yummy treat once they’ve finished their drink!

·         Insulated lunchboxes help foods keep cool and safe to reduce the risk of food poisoning

·         Include water or reduced fat milk as a dairy drink

In need of more healthy lunchbox tips, or nutrition advice, contact dietitian Silva Nazaretian from Moderate Nutrition Services. Silva operates out of MyPhysio at GESAC.