2018 Annual Member Survey Report

Published on 07 January 2019


GESAC undertook its sixth annual customer survey between October 28 and November 19, 2018. The purpose of the survey was to gain more information from our users on how they are using the facility, what we are doing well and what areas we can improve upon to ensure customers have a positive experience when attending a Glen Eira Leisure facility.

This summary outlines the results, various insights in to the data from the survey and also identifies opportunities for improvement.

There were 1502 respondents in our sixth annual survey which is a fantastic result, double the number of respondents (532) in the previous year. We believe the excellent response was firstly due to the extensive promotion of the Survey, in particular the email sent to all members, along with our proven ability to implement changes where possible following the previous five member surveys.

To summarise:

·         63% of women filled in survey a decrease of 1% on 2017 however male respondents increased by 1.15%

·         49% of responders were aged between 35-55

·         Over 68% have been with us over 12 months (51% over 24 months up from 35%, which is a great sign for our retention rates across the centre).

·         There was a significant rise of 9.15% (43.48%) of respondents that had not been a member of another facility prior to joining. Respondents who had been a member of another facility decreased an also dramatic 9.05% since 2017.

·         Customer service was rated excellent and very good by over 81% of repsondents in terms of knowledge. In terms of Friendliness, the Customer Service team was rated excellent and very good by over just under 87% of respondents, and Professionalism receiving a rating of very good and over by over 85%

·         The Health Club team performed strongly as well with around 75-80% of respondents rating all areas as excellent or very good.

·         In regards to Personal Training, 97.34% of respondents were satisfied, or higher that their Personal Trainer was suitable and relatable, which is a 1.55% increase on 2017. Further to this, the biggest area of growth was respondent’s positive rating of staff professionalism and knowledge, with 98% rating this area as satisfactory or above, which is a 2.2% increase on the previous year.

·         It is very pleasing to see the continued high percentage of Health Club Members attending Group Fitness Classes at 50% up from 47% in 2017, which should only continue to rise with the introduction of Virtual Fitness.

·         Other than Class Times, Group Fitness also performed extremely well, with 75-80% of all other categories (Range of classes, quality of instructors, equipment and entertainment) receiving a rating of very good or excellent.

·         Swim School team received a very positive response with 91.6% of respondents rating class availability as satisfactory or higher and 96% of respondents rating the quality of teachers as satisfactory or higher. There is still room for improvement with the booking process with the rating of poor or very poor rising by 2.3%

·         As a facility we rated very well with the majority of respondents rating the opening hours as excellent and over 95% as satisfactory or higher. The majority of respondents also thought the cleanliness of the facility was very good and over 94% ranked us as satisfactory or better, an increase of 3% on 2017. 91% of respondents rated the maintenance at the facility as satisfactory or higher with a majority of respondents rating this area as very good.

·         Stadium maintained its big increases in satisfaction from three years ago with 90% of respondents rating room temperature as satisfactory or higher, a 42% increase on 2017. The majority of respondents rated Stadium administration as very good, as opposed to the majority rating as satisfactory in 2017. The number of respondents who rated the umpiring as excellent has increased by 6% which is a fantastic improvement.

·         The majority of respondents indicated that pool cleanliness was very good and 82% of respondents rated Lap Lane Availability as satisfactory or above which is an increase of 7% on the previous year. An average of 68% of respondents rated lifeguard supervision and aquatics programs as very good or excellent.

·         78% of respondents were aware of Transcend Spa and Wellness and 23.27% of respondents had received a treatment at Transcend. From those that had received a treatment at Transcend, an average of 83% of respondents rated all areas (booking process, therapist skill, customer service, professionalism and overall experience) as excellent or very good indicating that the customer experience is positive, however attendance is low.

·         For the sixth year in a row the performance of the Café has continued to decrease and was rated the lowest of all of the facility by members with all areas (quality, variety, service, timeliness and pricing) receiving a majority rating of satisfactory and of all respondents.

·         46% use the café less than once a week, indicating that almost half of our members never attend, or rarely attend The Daily Kitchen.

·         Overall, almost 14% of respondents found the variety of food and drinks at The Daily Kitchen poor or very poor, an increase of almost 2% on the previous year, whereas the number of respondents rating the variety as satisfactory or higher remained the same as 2017, suggesting no improvement. Similarly, the percentage of respondents rating the quality of service as poor or very poor increased from just over 9% to just over 11%

·         Users have found GESAC to be a very positive improvement to them meeting their health and wellness goals with over 89% of respondents rating us 5 or higher in assisting them to achieve their goals.

·         Over 87% of respondents positively rate us and are highly likely to recommend us.

·         The accessibility, location, quality of facilities and variety of offering were identified as strong areas and reasons why people love GESAC.

·         Cleanliness, parking, maintenance and opening hours were identified as the key areas for improvement. The café was also again mentioned by 9% of respondents as an area for improvement