Council values individuals’ rights to privacy and is strongly committed to protecting those rights.

Council complies with its obligations pursuant to the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Act) and the Information Privacy Principles (IPPs) in relation to all personal information it collects.  

Council’s obligations under the Act and IPPs


  • will only collect personal information  that is necessary for its functions and activities, and with an  individual’s knowledge;
  • will only use  personal information provided for the primary purpose for which it was  collected and directly related secondary purposes that could be reasonably expected;
  • will ensure personal information is protected from unauthorised access, improper use, disclosure or alteration, and unlawful or accidental destruction or loss.  Council maintains secure systems for storing personal information and has security procedures in place to ensure the protection of personal information collected by Council;
  • will only disclose personal information to a third party (including its contractors, government organisations and authorities) in accordance with its  Privacy Policy,  legislation requiring it to do so or with prior consent; and
  • will not keep personal information on its systems for longer than is necessary (subject to the requirements of the Public Records Act 1973 or other legal requirement).

Council’s website

 Council does not:

  • use cookies (small blocks of data that can be used to identify a user);
  • have access to credit card details used to make online payments. (All online payments are handled by Council’s banking provider whose website is not managed or maintained by Council. The agreement with Council’s banking provider, in common with other Council contractors, imposes obligations in relation to confidentiality and privacy); or
  • take responsibility for protecting users’ privacy rights in relation to external websites accessed via links on Council's website (note: where Council outsources one of its functions to a contractor, it imposes an obligation on that contractor to comply with privacy law and Council’s privacy policy).

Council collects certain automatically recorded information from users of Council’s website: server address; domain name; date and time of visit; pages accessed; documents downloaded; previous site visited (where users have visited Council’s website via an external link); and type of browser used.

Council’s website does not have the facility to allow for the secure transmission of information. Users should be aware of the potential risks of sending personal or sensitive information via the Internet.

Submissions to Council meetings

Submissions are not confidential and will be incorporated in full (including all personal information) into the agenda and minutes of the Council meeting at which they are considered; will be available on Council’s website as part of the relevant agenda and minutes of that meeting; and will be made available for public inspection in accordance with  applicable statutory requirements including  those prescribed by the Local Government Act 1989 and the Local Government (General) Regulations 2015.

Objections to planning applications

Pursuant to the Planning and Environment Act 1987, Council must make available, on request, a copy of any objection to a planning application for inspection by any person during business hours.  Accordingly, objections are not confidential and any personal information contained in an objection can be disclosed to a third party.    

Health Records

In respect of health information collected by Council, there are very similar obligations under the Health Records Act 2001 (HRA) and Health Privacy Principles (HPPs) as are contained in the Act and IPPs. Council complies with its obligations pursuant to the HRA and HPPs.


Please contact the Privacy Officer in the first instance if you have a complaint about Council’s management of personal or sensitive information. Complaints may also be made to the Privacy Commissioner although the Commissioner may decline to hear the complaint if it has not first been made to Council.

Please contact the Manager Residential Aged Care in the first instance if you have a complaint about Council’s management of health information.  Complaints may also be made to the Health Services Commissioner although the Commissioner may decline to hear the complaint if it has not first been made to Council.

Privacy and Health Records policies

Privacy Policy[PDF]

Health Records Policy[PDF]

Further information

For more information about privacy at Glen Eira City Council, including the right to seek access to, or to amend your personal information, contact Council’s Privacy Officer at or on 9524 3333.