Swim School FAQ's


How long should my child remain in the same level?

There is no set time your child remains in one level. The Swim School program allows participants to progress at their own rate and it is important that all key assessment areas are considered competent before progressing. The average time spent in a level ranges from three to nine months. Additional practice outside of their lesson time will also accelerate their progress. As part of the Swim School membership, a parent of a child under the age of 10 is able to accompany the child free of charge at any time whilst using the aquatic facilities.

When do participants get upgraded?

Assessments are conducted on an ongoing basis, as each child is ready they progress. The Swim School supervisor assesses participants at the request of the class teacher. If the participant is considered ready to progress the supervisor will discuss available times with the family and place the participant in the appropriate class.

Can I have a term off and still retain the same class time/day if I return later in the year?

Due to the popularity of the program no guarantees can be made that your place in the program will be available to you if you choose to cancel. Should you decide to have a break from the program you will need to re-enrol on your return. To re-enrol into the program participants will need to be reassessed to ensure they are placed in the right level.

Do you have make up classes?

GESAC does not offer make up classes. As alternatives to these classes members receive entry for recreational swimming at no extra cost. This system allows participants to practice their skills and enjoy the company of family and friends.

In cases of more serious illness, credits are available when two or more consecutive lessons are missed and a medical certificate is supplied. Credits are not offered for lessons missed due to holidays. (Please see our terms and conditions for full details).   

Can I enrol my child any time?

New enrolments to the program can be taken at any time; however you cannot enrol more than one week in advance.

Are there lessons every week of the year?

The program runs for 48 weeks of the year, allowing for continuous and consistent learning. There is one week of no lessons over Easter, and another three week period from late December, until mid-January. Please go to www.gesac.com.au for specific program dates.

How do I know how my child is going?

Students in Learn to Swim levels will receive regular updates via email. This will advise parents of their skills they have mastered within their level. Feedback is also available from class teachers. However, for more detailed conversations, please speak to the on-deck supervisor.

How do I change the day/time of the class?

All requests for a change in time of your class need to be made through members of the Swim School team, who will know class availability. If a suitable class is available, we will change your booking immediately.

Do I have to get in with my child for their lesson?

Parents are required to be in the water for all Little Buccaneers levels (six to 36 months). This is a vital component of the aquatic education experience for all involved as water familiarisation and water safety skills are important for both parent and child. During these classes teachers will explain how to apply these skills and techniques to other aquatic environments and situations.

For all other classes, parents are not required in the water.

Do you offer private lessons?

In nearly all cases, we find that group classes provide a better learning environment for students. However, in certain circumstances, we may be able to offer one-on-one lessons. For more information, please call the Swim School on 9570 9200. 

Can I suspend my swim school membership?

Suspension of swim school memberships is available during the specified no lesson periods, as well as an additional 4 weeks which can be taken at any time of the year. The minimum amount of suspension time is seven days. The most efficient way to suspend memberships is through the GESAC Website.

Does my child get access to the pool facilities outside of their lesson time?

Yes, your child gets free unlimited access to the pool facilities so they can practice the new skills they have learnt.

How do we pay for swimming lessons?

Swim School Memberships are debited fortnightly from a bank account or credit card. The debit runs every second Thursday.

How do I cancel my membership?

Monthly memberships can be cancelled with 28 days’ notice. Written notice must be provided.

The most efficient way to cancel memberships is through is through the GESAC Website.

Do lessons run on Public Holidays?

Classes do not run during public holidays but you are more than welcome to come into the centre and practice. There will be full time staff in the office willing to assist with any queries you have regarding your child’s progress. If this isn’t feasible you are able to suspend your membership for a week whilst retaining your current class. 

What if my child is injured or sick?

If your child is injured or sick and cannot attend lessons you can apply for a medical credit. Medical credits must be a minimum of two weeks maximum of 6 weeks - Two consecutive weeks of lessons must be missed to be eligible for a medical credit.

A valid medical certificate must be produced at the time of the requested credit

A valid certificate:

  1. Declares the student temporarily unfit for swimming
  2. Cover all the requested dates of suspension. i.e. must have a start and end date.

The student will be charged 50% of their membership costs for the time specified in the medical certificate.

The student will still retain their spot in their regular weekly class. This won`t affect the students available 4 week suspension period.

Refunds are not available for Medical Credits.

What qualifications do swim teachers have?

All of our swim teacher hold either a Austswim or Swim Australia swim teaching qualification as well their CPR certificate.

Should my child wear goggles?

We recommend that students wear goggles in their swimming lessons, we feel this helps the child progress at a faster rate. GESAC offers a wide range of goggles for children located in our retail area.