Class levels


We have swim classes available for students of all ages and abilities. Read on for more information on our levels within the swim school. If you are ready to get your child enrolled into our swim school, bring them down to GESAC during our swim school assessment times and our friendly team will assess your child free of charge. All you need to do is bring them in their bathers, a towel and your child ready to swim. Then we will determine what class level they are best suited to.


Infant Classes: Little Buccaneers

Conducted with a parent present in the water, these classes encourage children to develop water confidence. Specially adapted games, songs and routines are used extensively to achieve water familiarisation, safety and swimming skills.

Little Buccaneers classes are held in our wellness program pool. Heated to approximately 34degrees, this pool provides a comfortable learning environment for both parent and child.

  • Little Buccaneers 1: six-12 months
  • Little Buccaneers 2: 12-24 months
  • Little Buccaneers 3: 24-36 months


 Level 1: Platypus

  • Safe entry and exit                                          
  • Monkey walk and exit from deep water
  • Face in and bubbles
  • Aided back float
  • Aided front float
  • Aided front kick for three metres  
  • Aided backstroke kick for three metres


Class Size 4:1 

Level 2: Sea Turtle

  • Swim to wall independently in deep water
  • Submerge and pick up an object
  • Back float
  • Front float
  • Backstroke kick with board
  • Torpedo for three metres
  • Signal for help and be rescued

Class Size 4:1

Level 3: Orca

  • Jump in deep water and swim to wall independently
  • Tread water for 10 seconds
  • Backstroke kick for five metres
  • Torpedo with breath for eight metres
  • Streamline glide for five metres
  • Freestyle arms with board for eight metres
  • Perform a reach rescue

Class Size 4:1

Level 4: Polar Bear

  • Tread water 30 for seconds
  • Submerge and swim underwater
  • Back torpedo for eight metres
  • Backstroke with board for eight metres
  • Freestyle for eight metres
  • Three arm breathing with board
  • Perform a throw rescue

Class Size 4:1

Level 5: Seal

  • Tread water for one minute
  • Stride jump entry in deep water
  • Duck dive to recover object in deep water
  • Backstroke for eight metres
  • Freestyle with three arm breathing for eight metres
  • Survival backstroke kick for eight metres
  • Perform a rope rescue

Class Size 5:1

Level 6: Crocodile

  • Tread water for 30 seconds without hands
  • Backstroke for 15 metres
  • Freestyle for 15 metres
  • Survival backstroke for 15 metres
  • Breaststroke kick with board
  • Butterfly kick for eight metres
  • Safety swim for 50 metres

Class Size 5:1

Level 7: Penguin

  • Kneeling dive entry
  • Backstroke for 25 metres
  • Freestyle for 25 metres
  • Breaststroke glide for 15 metres
  • Butterfly for eight metres
  • Forward somersault
  • Safety swim for 100 metres

Class Size 6:1

Level 8: Dugong

  • Standing dive
  • Backstroke for 50 metres
  • Freestyle for 50 metres
  • Breaststroke glide for 25 metres
  • Butterfly for 15 metres
  • Tumble turn
  • Safety swim for 200 metres

Class Size 6:1


Shark Squad

Upon completion of the Learn-to-Swim level, students’ progress to the Shark Squad level. This is an introductory squad level, offering more advanced progression of the competitive strokes, working on speed, stamina and techniques such as dives, turn and finishes. Squad swimmers will receive regular progress reports from their coach.

Adult Beginner

Perfect for those who are just starting out and want to build confidence and develop basic skills.

Adult Intermediate

Ideal for those who have grasped the basics, but wish to develop stroke technique and start to swim laps.