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SportzBuzz is an educational and developmental sport and gross motor program designed specifically for children aged two to eight. SportzBuzz has a unique emphasis on developing gross motor skills in young children, but also developing life skills such as independence, self-confidence, focus, concentration, perseverance, teamwork and self-esteem. All this learning takes place by means of an action packed program taught through non-intimidating, fun and active sports participation in a variety of sports.

Sessions will run:

  • Tuesday  9.15am–11.15am  
  • Wednesday  9.15am–11.45am
  • Thursday  9.45am–11.15am

For further information, contact 0488 877 678 or visit the SportsBuzz website.


Ready,Steady,Go! Kids have been running at GESAC since opening and are Australia’s largest multi-sports and exercise program for pre-schoolers aged 2.5 – 6 years. The 45 minute classes are structured to build confidence to have a go, focus on social skills mixing with other kids their own age and developing listening and gross motor skills. Over two terms they learn the basics of 9 different sports. Their programs have become so popular they have had to expand their operations which currently run Monday and Friday to now include Thursday morning sessions. To find out more, visit www.readysteadygokids.com.au or Call 1300 766 892 to book in for a FREE trial class.

Ready Steady Go Kids is Australia's largest most reputable multi-sport and excercise program for preschoolers to promote a lifelong love for sports and exercise.

It introduces the concept of sportspersonship through encouraging participation to take turns, play by the rules and co-operate with peers.


Sessions will run:

  • Monday  9am–12pm  
  • Thursday 9.15am-11.15am 
  • Friday  9.15am–12pm

 For further information contact 1300 766 892 or visit the Ready Steady Go Kids website.