Who are you?

Before considering and being recommended a membership, have you ever asked yourself what really motivates you to perform physical exercise?

IULM University of Milan has carried out extensive research with the aim of finding out what really motivates people to carry out physical activities. More than 10,000 subjects were interviewed by means of a questionnaire concerning their personality and lifestyle.

The survey confirmed a clear distinction between six basic aspirations that all people share in differing amounts that motivate them. GESAC has been designed with something for everyone so no matter what your aspiration is we can help you achieve your goals. Click on each of the aspirations to see how GESAC can help you to create the best possible experience based on what really matters to you.

FUN – I enjoy meeting people and trying something new. Fun makes me feel alive.
BALANCE – I am looking for relaxation from tense and stressful life. I exercise to achieve my mind and body balance.
POWER – Physical presence is a key ingredient of success. I exercise to look strong and powerful.
MOVE – I want to be active and healthy. I exercise to improve my every-day wellbeing.
SHAPE – Looking good is what makes me feel good. I exercise to burn calories, manage my weight, and tone my body.
SPORT – Sport is my second life. I exercise indoor and outdoor to improve my sport performance.