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Larry's journey to a healthier life! 

Name : LarryLarry_Blode.jpg Blode

What brought you to GESAC and how long have you been a member?

I had been to several other Gyms in my neighbourhood and was happy with those but I was not going (another story). My wife told me that a new gym was opening, it had a pool and that they were looking for foundation members.

So I guess I’ve been at GESAC from Day 1

Before starting at GESAC, had you done a lot of training previously?

At 133Kg the short answer is no! I had been to a few gyms and signed up but never went. I was also carrying a few injuries due to my obesity namely plantar fasciitis and that in itself was prohibitive. A vicious cycle you could say

What has been the difference for your remarkable results at GESAC ?  

Since joining GESAC I have lost 32Kg with most of it lost since my association with my PT Chris began last year. The differences have been stunning - where to begin. Plantar Fasciitis all but gone, off my blood pressure medication, sleep apnoea all but gone, airplane seats are larger and no longer need an extension belt, I CAN TIE MY OWN SHOE LACES (give me a break!) ENERGY ENERGY ENGERGY.

What are your favourite activities and favourite instructors?

My favourite activities are mostly cardio based such as rowing (I’m a monster), cycling and boxing. Really anything that Chris want me to do, I enjoy (almost, see next answer). 

Without a doubt my favourite is my PT, Chris K. He has helped me save my life and change my whole way of living. His belief in me, his follow up and manner is a credit to himself, his industry and GESAC.

BUT, without Kaz I would not have met Chris, and then there’s the rest of the crew, I love them all, they know who they are as I don’t want to single them out.

What does your trainer make you do that you least like, and why?

Chris would probably think squats but that’s only the half answer. He knows that I don’t like the Smith Machine. I don’t have the shoulders for it.

Why would you recommend personal training at GESAC?

Having an appointment with a professional trainer has achieved many goals, some expected and others un-expected. My appointments with Chris each week keeps me honest and coming back. It also got me into a routine that I would not have otherwise done by myself. Humans will always take the easiest and shortest path and if it means not going to gym that what we do. Having the PT session eliminates that laziness. I’ve learnt to train properly. Training for 45min is only half the job. Its the intensity that I learn’t

PT is absolutely, without question the best investment I’ve made in my own personal health.

What advice would you give to others trying to improve their health and wellbeing?

My advice is three fold and easy: 1. Good mental health, see a therapist first and get yourself sorted out and motivated. Along with that get good sleep 2. Good Exercise, get a PT to increase that motivation and get you results. 3. Good Eating. Having the right frame of mind, along with the exercise, increases the metabolism and therefore you WANT to eat the RIGHT foods.

Going forward, do you have any specific goals or events that you are aiming for?

My aim is to reach 95Kg and I am only 7Kg shy of that goal. Chris and I will stick together after that goal is reached and we hope to switch the program from weight loss to muscle building.




Name: Claire Dyson

How long have you been a member at GESAC?

Since March 2013 (I think!)

What motivated and inspired you to attempt to enter Spartan Race — Sprint?Spartan Mud.jpg

I’ve always been in two minds about competing in Tough Mudder, so I thought the Spartan Race would give me a good taste of obstacle racing. It will also be a new mental and physical challenge, which appeals to me.  

How did you form a team and are the others also GESAC members?

Fellow team mate and GESAC member Maria Green was keen to enter, so she put a post on Facebook to see if anyone else would be interested.

Did you do any specific training at GESAC for the event or ask for any special guidance from any of the staff?

I'm already quite fit and strong, but I thought it would be a good idea to book in some personal training sessions with TJ. TJ showed me how to use the gym floor machines to assist in improving my calves, biceps and triceps. Exercises like pull-ups were a huge advantage when hoisting myself over 12 foot walls and the leg workouts helped me to run with sandbags on my shoulders. I also kept up with my group fitness classes including Body Pump and Body Attack to maintain my overall fitness.

How long was the course, how many obstacles and how long did it take?

The course was seven kilometres long with 20 obstacles. We are yet to receive our official times but I think it took us between two-and-half hours to three hours.

What was the hardest obstacle in the event?

Physically, I really struggled with the first obstacle, which was a 700 metre uphill crawl under barbed wire. I have some lovely bruises and scratches to remember it by. Mentally, it was the rope net towards the end where we had to climb up a ladder to a net, which was suspended about 12 feet above ground. We had to climb across it and conquer the fear that we may fall through. My team mate Maria found the walls quite challenging as she has a fear of heights but she managed to fight her fear and climb over the top. Go Maria!

What was the best part of the event?

Sliding down muddy hills into a mud bath — we all had so much fun. The burger I devoured after the race was another highlight.  

What did you laugh at the most while doing the event and now afterwards with your team mates?

The sight of Maria covered from head to toe in mud. The only thing not covered in mud was her eyeballs. It was absolutely hilarious. I was also quite amused to watch Gerri (one of my team members) balance her beer can on top of her pizza box a mere 10 minutes after the race.

Would you do it again and how would you sell the experience to others?

I would do it in a heartbeat. For anyone else who is interested, you CAN do it. Don't let your fears get the better of you. As seen with myself and my team mates, people of all ages and levels of fitness can participate in a Spartan Race — Sprint. It was so much fun and the sense of achievement afterwards, is a feeling I'll never forget.  

Do you really believe mud is good for the skin?

Yes! Some people pay more than $200 for a mud bath or exfoliation treatment. Why go to a day spa when you can do a Spartan Race?

The most important question — how long did it take to get all the mud out of your hair and all other body parts?

I think I showered for about 10 to 15 minutes, and then had to clean the shower. It should have been considered an obstacle, it was so difficult!

Anything else you may like to add?

Thank you to my amazing team mates Belinda, Maria, Gerri and Ben for helping me (physically and mentally) conquer each obstacle. I’d also like to thank TJ for helping with my training in the lead-up and thank Pree (my Body Pump instructor), for texting me afterwards to make sure I was alive. I couldn't have done it without you guys!

Once again well done and glad you had fun and wanted to share your experience with others and hopefully inspire them.Sally_and_Denis_DSC02551.jpg


Name: Sally & Denis Donovan

: Sally & Denis Donovan

Who do you barrack for: West Coast Eagles

Length of time as our client:  From day 1 – Foundation members and proud of it.

What do you like most about GESAC? Friendly supportive atmosphere, quality programs, great range of classes

What activities do you undertake: Body Pump, CRX, Body Vive, Body Balance, Gym – strength training, aerobics (yes we are Gym junkies!)

Who is your favourite instructor: Frank, Lauren and Kate

Describe GESAC in 10 words or less: Essential highlight of our life – We just love it!

Sally and Denis have been members since GESAC opened its doors and truely embody the reason GESAC was developed to meet the needs of "Every Body" where "Every Body is welcome". They are the social butterflies of the gym introducing other members to each other and forming new friendships along the way to a better quality of life with their regular exercise patterns.