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G45 and WOD Classes

G45 and WOD Training at GESAC!


G45 Classes

G45 is our small group training program that has been designed to provide the perfect training environment, for you and your friends to achieve their fitness goals.

G45 will challenge your fitness levels in a fun and social environment. If you prefer small team training, want to get fit and have fun, this program is ideal for you and your friends.  Each session is capped at 12 people, which will allow you get the attention you need and the motivation required to get the best results. 
There are a variety of G45 classes. Each class is interval based, and will ensure that you train hard and increase your energy, vitality and performance.

WOD classes

What is the WOD Box? The WOD Box is our exclusive, small team training space that offers fun, friendly and effective workouts.

X WOD 45 mins Functional strength and conditioning to get you healthy, lean and strong by following the latest science.



GESAC Timetable summer WBox[PDF]

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