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Little Buccaneers (six to 36 months)
GESAC little buc's

Conducted with a parent present in the water, these classes encourage children to develop water confidence. Specially adapted games, songs and routines are used extensively to achieve water farmiliarisation, safety and swimming skills.

  • Little Buccaneers 1: six-12 months
  • Little Buccaneers 2: 12-24 months
  • Little Buccaneers 3: 24-36 months

Little Buccaneers classes are held in our wellness program pool. Heated to 34oC, this pool provides a comfortable learning environment for both parent and child.


Students and parents can celebrate achievements, both in and out of the water, with our fun Little Buccaneers milestone poster.

GESAC_Day4_0216.jpg GESAC Jack

For more information on Little Buccaneers please download the PDF;


For information on how to join, visit the contact the Swim School web page.

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