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Learn-to-Swim (three years plus)

Our caring and qualified teachers will help guide students through our structured levels at their own pace. Classes incorporate water familiarisation, water safety skills and stroke development.

The GESAC Swim School program is strongly technique based, with distances being kept short until children have mastered the essential skills and techniques.

Assessment and progression

At GESAC, we recognise that every child learns differently and at their own rate. We believe that newly mastered skills should be recognised and rewarded.

Upon becoming a Swim School member, students will receive Captain Swimalot’s Great Adventure. Children will follow Captain Swimalot and his friendly crew as they sail around the world in search of treasure. Students will be rewarded with Treasure Stickers to add to their book, as they master the various skills in each level. Students will be motivated to help Captain Swimalot and his crew collect all the treasure as they progress through the levels.


Supervisors will assess students on an ongoing basis at the request of the class teacher.

Super Hero week's are loads of fun at GESAC.



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