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Aquatic group fitness


At GESAC we offer four different types of aquatic fitness programs designed to cater for all age groups, fitness levels and needs within the community.

Our basic class Hot Aqua, is a low impact aerobic class conducted in the wellness program pool. It is suitable for all ages and abilities as it will challenge you to work at your own pace building strength, toning, and improving cardiovascular fitness.

Also available in the wellness program pool is Aqua Pilates. Here you get to enjoy all the benefits of pilates while exercising in the 34 degree water, helping relax and restore your joints and muscles, leaving you feeling refreshed and strong.

Not into dance? Aqua Fitness takes out the fluff and increases your heart rate every time, work up a storm in the 25metre pool, with this fitness based Aqua class. Who says Aqua has to be gentle?

Deep Water Fitness

Looking for a more advanced challenge? Deep water fitness, using the aqua ruuning belts for buoyancy, you will combine cardio intervals and resistance work in the 50metre pool.

Adult fitness squads

At GESAC we offer Fitness Squad, a swimming based aquatic program that will improve your fitness, hone your technique and help you become the next Thorpedo ( just ensure you are confident to swim 500 metres continuously). Our squad sessions offer additional guidance and motivation for intermediate to advanced swimmers, under the supervision of qualified coaches.

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